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In a business setup, there will be scenarios where some departments face the need to receive some files/invoices/purchase orders from their partners. Let's take the classic case of the company receiving purchase orders from different buyers. 

"Scott is the person responsible to receive the purchase orders from the buyers and the company is supposed to receive 100 purchase orders from their buyers in the working hours of a day (between 9 AM to 5 PM). Scott sets up an application in the BizTalk solution with the receive ports that are configured to receive the purchase orders. Everything goes well until one fine day when one of the buyer calls up the company to find out the status of the purchase orders. It is only after the call that Scott realizes that he has not received the order from the buyer for the past one week."

In the above scenario, since the message did not reach the BizTalk server itself, there was no way Scott could have known about this unless the buyer gave him a call to know about the status.

Solution to the above problem - Process Monitoring Capabilities

BizTalk360 solves the above problem by offering Advanced Process Monitoring capabilities where users can set up process monitors to monitor the transaction volume on the Receive Ports (and Receive Locations) and Send Ports of BizTalk applications. They can map the process monitors to alarms in order to get notifications if something goes wrong. The users can set up how often they want to monitor the status of the receive ports and send ports (such as Daily/weekly/monthly). In addition, users can also define their business hours (say 9 AM to 5 PM or 8 AM to 6 PM) during which the process monitoring should happen. Based on these settings, the process monitoring will execute at the specified time and notify the users if something is wrong with the receive ports and send ports.

BizTalk360 already provides the Process Monitoring capabilities, however we have enhanced the functionality a lot more with many different options to set up monitoring in our v8.0 release.