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BizTalk360 aims to offer the similar capabilities as the BizTalk Server Administration Console. In addition, BizTalk360 looks to improve the user experience while working on the product as well as targets areas where manual interventions can be cut down to the very minimum. One such area that BizTalk360 addresses is the Data Monitoring aspect. In BizTalk360 (similar to the BizTalk Server Administration Console), users can use the BizTalk360's query builder functionality to query the message box database to search for running and suspended service instances. They can also use the query builder functionality to look out for information about Tracked Service Instances and Tracked Message Events. Similarly, the query builder can be used to query BAM views, perform activity search, and filter out the ESB exceptions. However, they need to manually do some operations when it comes to starting a suspended (Resumable) service instance, or terminating a suspended (Non-Resumable) service instance, and so on.

In an effort to address this problem, BizTalk360 has the data monitoring functionality where users can create these type of regular tasks as a monitoring task and opt to take an action automatically, depending on the situation as well as receive alerts when something goes wrong in the environment. For instance, they can set up a data monitoring alert to get notified when a service instance becomes suspended, and allow the system to automatically perform a resume action or a terminate action depending on the criticality of the problem. This feature is targeted towards BizTalk administrators since these are types of tasks an administrator is forced to do day in and day out, and it is a monotonous/repetitive task. With the latest version of BizTalk360, your administrators can automate these tasks and save valuable time of their daily effort.

Data monitoring alert can send notifications only through static notification end points like SMS, Email, Windows Event log and HP Operation Manager. From 8.5, we have extended custom notification support for data monitoring alert. Using this functionality, you can get the data monitoring alert in notification channel like Slack, ServiceNow and WebHook. To use this functionality, you need to configure the notification channel in the setting side and enable the same in data monitoring alarm.

What all can I monitor through BizTalk360 Data Monitoring?

With BizTalk360 data monitoring, you can monitor the following:

  • Process Monitoring
  • Message Box Data Monitoring
  • Tracking Data Monitoring
  • BAM Data Monitoring
  • EDI Data Monitoring
  • ESB Data Monitoring