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In this section, we will take a look at the auto correct functionality in detail. As mentioned in this article, auto correct functionality is available for all state-based artifacts such as Receive locations, Send Ports, Orchestrations, NT Services, SQL Jobs, and Host instances. We will take one artifact (say, Receive Location) and explain the different auto correct options available. The functionality works the same for all state-based artifacts.

The first and foremost step to get auto correct functionality to work is to Create a Threshold Alarm, map the artifacts to the alarm, and set up monitoring for the artifacts. Only then you will be able to enable auto correct for the artifact. Click here to read the steps to set up a threshold alarm.

  1. Alarm Selection - Select the alarm from the drop down
  2. Artifacts - Select the artifacts for which you want to set up monitoring and auto correct functionality
    • Applications - Receive Locations, Send Ports, Orchestrations
    • BizTalk Servers/SQL Servers - NT Services
    • SQL Server Instances - SQL Jobs
    • BizTalk Environment - Host Instances
  3. State-based monitoring - Select the check box against the artifact for which you want to set up monitoring and set the "Expected state" of the artifact
  4. You need to set up monitoring for the artifacts in order to set up auto correct functionality. The Auto Correct option will not be activated unless you set up monitoring for the artifact.
  5. Auto Correct Drop down - The auto correct drop down will not get activated unless you perform activity in Step 3
  6. Enabling Auto Correct - Select the checkbox against the artifact and Enable Auto Correct from the drop down. You will notice Auto Correct gets enabled with a Max Retry count of 5 (default) and Attempt count of 0
    • Max Retries - Click the numeric value and adjust the slider to set the number of retries the monitoring service should attempt
    • Attempt - Shows the number of times the monitoring service has performed the retry operation
Auto Correct will execute during every monitoring service run (every 60 seconds)
Once the value of attempt count matches with the maximum retry count (say, Max Retry : 10, Attempt Count : 10), the auto correct will not execute any further and no alerts will be triggered. If you have configured the alarm to trigger DOWN alert emails, you will receive the DOWN Alert email from BizTalk360 System in this situation. You will also notice the message "NOTE: Maximum auto-correct attempts exhausted" in the monitoring dashboard. In this case, the administrator has to manually reset the state of the artifact.