In order for the alarm export/import process to work seamlessly, you need to remember these points:

Click here to read the end-to-end scenario of alarm export & import process in BizTalk360.
  1. Alarm import process can be performed only by Super Users. Normal users will not have access to the manage alarms page in BizTalk360
  2. Make sure the applications in the source environment are available in the destination environment prior to the import process. Failing to do this will still import the application into the destination environment, but move them into an Orphaned State

  3. If the application exists both in the source and destination environments, but one of the artifacts of the application is not available in the destination environment, then the artifact will be moved into an Orphaned State after the import process. For e.g., Application1 in the source environment has a Receive Location (ReceivePO_RL1), and a send port (SendPO_SP1). But the same Application1 in the destination has only the Receive Location but not the send port. In this case, after the import process, the Send Port will be put into an Orphaned State which can be removed
  4. The orphaned state scenario applies to Applications, Send Ports, Receive Ports/Locations, Orchestrations, NT Services, Host Instances, and SQL jobs