Let's consider a scenario when your organization has deployed BizTalk360 on one of the Development/QA/UAT environment(s) and made lots of alarm and monitoring configurations. At some point of time, you would want to move all these configurations to the production environment. Joe is your BizTalk360 administrator, and the usual practice that Joe would do is to manually set up the production environment with these alarms and monitoring configurations. If there are a handful of alarms (say, 5 - 10), this is a feasible option for Joe. However, if there are more alarms (100, 200, or even 500), it becomes a painstaking process for Joe to manually create each alarm and its associated monitoring configurations in the production environment.

To know more about Alarms in BizTalk360, check out the documentation here. Also, refer our documentation here to know more about BizTalk360 Monitoring Capabilities.

Solution to the above problem - BizTalk360 Alarm & Monitoring Export/Import Capability

BizTalk360 solves the above problem by offering an Alarm and Monitoring Export/Import capability where administrators can simply export the alarm and monitoring configurations in one environment (Development/QA/UAT) and import them into the other environment (Import). In the above scenario, Joe can Export the list of alarms in the source environment as a zip file, transfer it into the production server (using normal file transfer mechanisms) and import the alarm configuration information into the production server. By doing so, Joe can cut down the manual effort involved in doing this process thereby improving the productivity.