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BizTalk360 offers a tool for BizTalk Administrators to monitor a BizTalk Solution by running database queries that can be evaluated against a defined threshold and receive alerts when the query does not return the expected values. The administrators can set the warning and error condition values in BizTalk360. In addition, they also need to provide the SQL Instance Name and the Database Name where the query will be executed and can target any database. The database query monitoring requires queries that return a scalar value such as string, integer or Boolean. Once the query is saved, BizTalk360 checks for the query result and alerts the administrator when the value exceeds the threshold range.

Setting up monitoring for Database queries

  1. Log in to the BizTalk360 application
  2. Click 'Monitoring' in the navigation panel
  3. Click the expand button against 'Manage Mapping' tab and select 'BizTalk Environment' link
  4. Select the Alarm name (see Creating an alarm) from the drop down for which you would like to associate the alerts
  5. In the list of system resources at the top, select Database Query
  6. Click New Query button to set up monitoring for the database query
  7. Enter the Name for the Alert, add the SQL Instance name, and the SQL Database name
  8. Click Next to add the Query and Threshold details
  9. Enter the SQL query in the space provided
  10. Select the Warning and Error Condition when BizTalk360 must return an alert
  11. Click OK to Save the web endpoint monitoring information