In this article, we will list out the important points to remember while working with Notification Channels feature, and the limitations of the feature -

  1. Both the pre-defined notification channels will be Enabled by default
  2. Notification Channels will not be configured by default. The IsConfigured state for the pre-defined notification channels will always be No.
  3. You cannot delete the default pre-defined notification channels. When you delete both the default channels, they would appear back immediately. However, if you only delete one of the notification channels, it will be permanently deleted unless you delete the other one (after which both channels would appear back again). Once you have deleted both the notification channels, and they re-appear again, please note that all the previous configurations would not be available. Similarly, the all alarms that were mapped with these notification channels, will no longer have the mappings. You need to manually configure the notification channels and then map them with the alarms.
  4. When you have not configured the notification channels, and you try to map them with an alarm, you will see a warning message as follows -
    Please visit Manage Notification Channels to load the default Channels.
  5. Disable the alarm for maintenance, you will not receive any alerts to the specified notification channels. Similarly, when you specify the 'Stop Alerts for Maintenance' settings under Monitoring and Notification in BizTalk360 Settings, you will not receive the alerts to any of the selected channels.
  6. The Alert History in the Monitoring section (under Notification History) will display the Channel Notifications (history of alerts) that have been triggered to the notification channels, and their transmission status

Important Points to Remember

  1. Notification Channels will not be supported with Data Monitoring functionality
  2. The Urgency and Impact values will not be available after importing (Alarm Export/Import) an alarm into the system
  3. Once a notification channel is mapped with the alarm, and you happen to delete the notification channel, the mapping with the alarm no longer exists.


  1. On Internet Explorer (IE) version 9, the default channels (Slack and ServiceNow) cannot be enabled/disabled (under the Edit operation)
  2. On Internet Explorer (IE) version 9, you cannot add third party channels
  3. When creating a custom notification channel, you cannot create a new channel with the same DLL name (that already exists)