One of the core pillars of BizTalk360 is the capability to monitor your BizTalk environment and notify whenever there is a threshold violation. Till version 7.10 of BizTalk360, the notifications from BizTalk360 could be sent through SMS, Email, and HP Operation Manager. From v8.0, we have added the capability for BizTalk360 to be able to trigger notifications to custom external notification channels. What this means for customers is that if you are already using either of these channels in your organization, it becomes easier to receive alerts from BizTalk360 right into these channels. Triggering alerts to custom notification channels works exactly the same way as sending an email notification.

To know the list of external notification channels supported by BizTalk360, please refer this article. In order to trigger notifications from BizTalk360 to external notification channels, you need to make some basic configuration settings under "Monitoring and Notifications" section in BizTalk360. Please refer the articles in this section to know more about the configurations required to trigger notifications to external channels.