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BizTalk360 offers some additional functional capabilities for its users, such as:

Full View/Collapsed View

In the Monitoring Dashboard page, you will be able to see a tree view graphical representation of the status of the status of the artifacts (Healthy/Errors/Warnings). Each artifact's status will be displayed in an appropriate color according to its health. The artifacts with healthy status will be displayed in Green color, while the ones with an error will be in Red color and the warnings in Yellow color.

The full view will display the complete graphical view the information of the artifacts. It will contain the information of all the artifacts such as Applications, BizTalk servers, SQL Server Instances, and BizTalk Environment. In contrary, the Collapsed view will give a better view when there are lot of applications mapped to a single alarm. Let's say your alarm has 4 applications that are configured for monitoring. The following screenshots will give you the comparison of how the dashboard will look in Full view and Collapsed View.

Navigate From Dashboard To Monitoring Section In A Single Click

BizTalk360 has the functionality that allows users to directly navigate from the monitoring dashboard screen to the corresponding section to view the information of the associated artifacts. You can click on the link present in every node of the tree view to navigate to the corresponding section.

Highlighting Problem In A Node

In the monitoring dashboard, you will see the status of artifacts displayed in different colors. We have implemented a functionality where if any one of the leaf node in the tree view moves into an error state, the error will bubble up the tree to the top most node (parent node). The below screenshot shows one such scenario. Since one of the artifact has an error, the error bubbles up and the BizTalk EDI Application and the environment name  will be displayed in red color.