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BizTalk360 supports various notification channels out of the box like Email, SMS, HP Operation Manager and even writing to a Windows Event Viewer with specific event id (this can be useful if you want to integrate BizTalk360 with other third party monitoring systems, since any monitoring solution will have ability to read windows event viewer).

Alarm - Advanced (Notifications) Settings

While creating the alarm configuring email as notification channel is mandatory. You can also set up additional notification channels on the advanced settings page. You need to follow the steps below to set additional notification channels:

  1. Follow the steps 1–9 as mentioned in Creating an alarm section, which will take you to the final Advanced Setting page
  2. Enter the mobile number to which you would like to receive the alert notifications. You can enter multiple mobile numbers as comma separated values
  3. Enable HP Operations Manager Integration — You can additionally enable integration with HP Operations Manager. But to do this, you need to set up HP Operations Manager via the Settings Menu.
  4. Log Events to Event Viewer — You can specify an event ID for the particular alarm and make the system to log the events to the event viewer. The events will be logged with the corresponding Event id in the server where BizTalk360 is installed
  5. Enable Test mode — You can select this option if you wish to test whether the threshold alerts email get fired up as expected or not. You will receive the threshold alert email every minute irrespective of the violation status
  6. Notification Channel(s)  You can additionally monitor your BizTalk environment and notify whenever there is a threshold violation.  From v8.0, we have added the capability for BizTalk360 to be able to trigger notifications to custom external notification channels
  7. Click OK  to save the alarm information