Here are the important points to remember when working with BizTalk360 Messaging Patterns functionality -

  1. Make sure you have enabled tracking at the 'Pipeline' level for the unique data flow data to be captured by the Analytics service
  2. Message Count and Average Execution Time graphs are displayed for a 24-hour period. Click and drag the mouse on the graph to zoom in into the graph data. To reset the graph, click the Reset button
  3. The Analytics service has a refresh interval of 15/60 seconds
  4. Date and Time stamp values displayed in the graph depends on the User Profile setting (Click the user icon at the top right corner of the page and define the User Profile settings)
  5. Super Users - Have all the rights to view the message flow, associated port information, the message count, and average execution time graphs
    Normal Users - Have the capability to view the message flow. However, if the message flow happens through an application for which they do not have access, they will not have the privileges to view the artifact information and the graph.
    For instance, scott is a normal user and has access only to ACME and Contoso applications in BizTalk360. When scott tries to view the Messaging Pattern of messages that passed through RuleTestApp application, he will see a permission denied error message.
  6. Normal Users do not have the permissions to edit the name and description of the Messaging Patterns
  7. The 'Pin to Dashboard' icon pins the Messaging Patterns to the 'Main Operations Dashboard' and not to the Analytics Dashboard
  8. Even though there are no purge settings for Messaging Patterns in BizTalk360, the Messaging Patterns data will be automatically purged based on the Tracking Database settings. Make sure you keep the right setting in the tracking database if you wish to retain the Messaging Patterns data for a specific period of time.