In this article, we will see the steps to be followed to edit the message flow pattern details. As mentioned earlier in this article, the message flow pattern details value will be displayed as a series of alphanumeric values as it is from the database. BizTalk360 provides the functionality for the users to edit the messaging flow pattern details information to a more meaningful name as per their convenience. To modify the flow details, click the Edit button (represented with a pencil icon). You will notice the 'Modify Flow Details' window appearing in a blade.

Editing the Messaging Flow Pattern Details

  1. Messaging Flow Pattern - Enter a meaningful name for the flow pattern. For instance, MessageThruOrchestrationToSendPort
  2. Flow Description - Enter a meaningful description to define the message flow pattern
  3. Save - Click Save to save the information. Once the information is saved, you will notice that the details are reflected in the Data Flows section
  4. Cancel - Click Cancel to cancel any changes made to the message flow information
  5. X - Click the close icon to close the blade