BizTalk360 comes with a Analytics service that is responsible for performance reports of various BizTalk components in their environment. The Analytics service has a lot of sub-services that is responsible to perform the different operations. Each of these sub-service can be started/paused in an isolated manner. For eg., if the administrator wants to pause the Throttling collection sub-service  that is responsible for collecting various throttling related performance counters and storing the data in the BizTalk360 database , he can simply pause the sub-service alone through BizTalk360 Settings interface, without disturbing the other services.

To Start/Pause a sub-service, follow the steps as shown below:

  1. Log in to the application (as Super user)
  2. Click the Settings icon at the top of the page
  3. Click Analytics Health from the left menu bar
  4. Click Analytics Services Status from the list of options
  5. Select the check box against the analytics service name. When checked, depending on the current status, the Start/Pause buttons will get activated. For instance, if the Throttling collection service is in Paused state, when the check box is selected, the Start button will get activated.
  6. In BizTalk360 v8.0, User can perform the required operation in 3 different ways:
    • Selecting the check boxes against the service name(s) and clicking on the Operation buttons (Start/Pause) at the top of the grid
    • Selecting check box against the service name. User will notice an inline operation showing up right next to the check box with the possible operations that can be performed on the service
    • Hovering over the record in the Current State column, you will notice the possible operations that can be performed on the selected service
  7. Click the Refresh button at the top right corner of the page to refresh the status of the services

Click the sliders to view the process of toggling the analytics service status.