In this article, we will take a detailed look at the data flows screen to understand the functionality better.

messaging patterns data flow screen

  • Analytics section - In BizTalk360 version 8.0, we have added a new 'Analytics' section that houses the Performance Analyser Functionality, Messaging Patterns, and Throttling Analyser (which is an existing feature that has been moved under the Analytics section)
    The green visual indicator next to Analytics means that the BizTalk360 Analytics service is running perfectly fine. If there is any problem with the analytics service, you will notice a red indicator next to Analytics. You can navigate to Analytics Service Status section under Analytics Health section in BizTalk360 settings to look into the reason for the problem. 
  • Messaging Patterns - Select Messaging Patterns to view the message flow list for the particular environment
  • Pin to Dashboard - Click the Pin icon to pin the Messaging Patterns to the Operations Dashboard. By pinning the flow list to the dashboard, you can easily access the flow list from the dashboard, in a single click. Once on the dashboard, you can customize the widget according to your convenience (resize to different sizes like Normal, Small, Mini). For more information on the dashboard and its customization options, please refer the Dashboard section.
    When you click the pin icon, the Messaging Patterns will be pinned only to the operations dashboard and not on the analytics dashboard.
    messaging patterns shortcut in biztalk360 home page
  • Messaging Flow Pattern - Displays the list of unique message flow patterns based on the messages that have passed through the system. The value will be a set of alphanumeric values that will be displayed as it is from the database.
  • Edit - Click the Edit icon to edit the Messaging Flow Pattern and Description information for the message flow. You can choose to enter a meaningful name in the pattern name and description section. For more information about how to edit the details, please refer the Editing the Messaging Flow Pattern Details section.
  • Export to Excel - Click the 'Export to Excel' link to download the grid values in .xls format

    exporting messaging flow patterns messaging flow patterns in the exported sheet
  • Refresh - Click the Refresh button to refresh the Messaging Patterns
  • Search Flows - Use the Search Flows box to search for a particular flow. Start typing in the box and you will notice that the messaging flow pattern values will change depending on the entered value.

    searching messaging flow patterns in biztalk360 search data flows in messaging patterns search option for finding messaging flow patterns