BizTalk360 has the functionality to allow users to view the graphical flow of the message within the system. The Graphical Message Flow Viewer constructs visualizations of message flow and displays them in a nice graphical way with all the details of the ports through which the message traveled in the system.

The challenge with Graphical Message Flow Viewer is that, for instance, if there are 100 messages passing through the system at a particular point of time, each message is tracked at the service instance level with a unique id. The problem with this approach is that every single transaction is logged into the database. In an environment where there are lots of messages passing through the BizTalk system, there is every chance that the database will get filled up quickly.

To solve this problem, BizTalk360 introduces the capability of Messaging Patterns to visualize the list of message flows that has happened in the system. The key difference from Graphical Message Flow Viewer is that, in the message flow list, only the unique messaging patterns get recorded. As in the previous case, if there are 100 messages passing through the system at a particular point of time, not all the 100 message flows are recorded in the Messaging patterns. Only the unique message patterns are recorded, which could be just, say, 15 or 20.

biztalk360 messaging patterns window

In BizTalk360, Messaging patterns is a part of the "Analytics" section that hosts the Performance Analyser Dashboard and the Throttling Analyser (which has been moved from the Operations section into Analytics in BizTalk360 v8.0 version).

Rename the Message Flows and View the transaction volume at port level

It not just ends with viewing the message patterns, but users also have the ability to rename the message flows to a meaningful name (since the flows appear with the flowUId alphanumeric value from the database) with a meaningful description, so that they know what is unique about a particular message flow that happened in the system. In addition, users also have the ability to view the transaction volume at each port in the flow (say, receive ports, orchestrations, and send ports). 

biztalk360 messaging flow pattern screen messaging patterns ruletestapp success biztalk360 messaging patterns output