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The application dashboard page helps the support person to easily see the health of the BizTalk application from a single view. To view the Applications Dashboard, click the expand button against the Application Support tab and select the Applications link in the menu panel.

BizTalk360 v8.0 allows users to export the list of available applications for the user along with their current operational and configuration status. Click Export to Excel link to download the report to your computer.

applications monitoring in biztalk360 orchestrations list in biztalk edi application

Let's understand the Application Dashboard page in detail:

  1. Home - Displays the count and status of Receive Ports/Receive Locations, Send Ports/Send Locations, Orchestrations. and Host Instances
  2. Artifacts - Displays the summary of different artifacts that are associated with the application such as Receive Locations, Send Ports, Orchestrations, and so on. Click the artifact name to navigate to the screen where you can see the list of artifacts, their status, and other details.
  3. Artifact Details - Clicking the artifact details icon display the artifacts section where user can perform activities on the selected artifact (such as Enable/Disable and so on)
  4. Refresh - Force refreshes the status of the artifacts. When the status of the artifact is changed in the corresponding section, the status will get reflected in the Home screen. If the status is not reflected, click Refresh to force refresh the status of the artifacts.
  5. Start - To start an already stopped application. When the Start button is clicked, a pop-up window appears where the user can choose the artifacts that are to be started (orchestrations, send ports, receive locations). A tick mark will appear next to the items if the artifacts have started successfully. Once the artifacts have started successfully, click the button at the top right corner of the page to close the pop-up window.

    application artifacts to start biztalk edi application
  6. Stop - To stop a running application. When the Stop button is clicked, a pop-up window appears where the user can choose the artifacts that are to be stopped (receive locations, orchestrations, send ports). Select the appropriate option from the list. Click the X button at the top right corner of the page to close the pop-up window. 

    application artifacts to stop biztalk edi application

An application with suspended messages will have a red circle icon with the number of suspended messages for that application. When the application name is clicked, in the Home tab of the application, a red bar will display the number of suspended messages for the application with a link to Query Instances. When the Query Instances link is clicked, the system automatically navigates the user to the Message Box (Queries) section. In the Message Box (Queries) section, the query expression is automatically filled up and the query result can be generated by clicking the 'Execute Query' button.

real time status of biztalk applications suspended instances in biztalk application biztalk server message box query results