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BizTalk360 has a powerful governance/auditing system that is capable of maintaining the logs of user activities in the system. The audit log information will help the administrators to find out "Who did what" in the environment over a period of time. Consider a few example scenarios when the support user,

  • Accidentally stops a host instance
  • Terminated a suspended service instance
  • Accidentally unenlisted an orchestration in the application

In these situations, if the user action is recorded and logged as an event, it will help the administrator to identify the root cause of the issue. Right now in BizTalk Admin console, none of the activities are audited. This leaves organisations to run their support purely based on trust, which may not be ideal in some mission critical situations like Healthcare, Financial services etc.

What are the artifacts that can be audited? 

BizTalk360's governance/auditing capability extends into the following areas:

  1. Host instance operations
  2. Service instance operations
  3. Application operations (on receive locations, orchestrations, and send ports)
  4. ESB Message Activities
  5. Business Rules Activities

Note: BizTalk360 can only monitor and audit activities that user performs within BizTalk360. It doesn't look for external sources. Ex., If an user has access to the BizTalk Server Administration Console and started/stopped host instances using the admin console, then BizTalk360 will not have any knowledge about the external changes. 

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