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BizTalk360 allows administrators to set up fine grained authorization both at the applications level and system level. Administrators can set up access rights for users to different sections depending on the user requirements. Say, a Level 1 support engineer has different requirements when compared to Level 2 users. Consider an example; "Level 1 Support engineer can (only) view Rules, Custom SQL Queries, Message Box Viewer, Monitoring Dashboard, Data Monitoring Dashboard and Notification History" while "Level 2 Support engineer can operate on Host Instances, Applications, Service Instances and additional access to MBQ, Graphical Flow (Tracking), EDI Reports". BizTalk360 allows the administrators to set up permissions for users depending on the requirement.

Setting up user permissions

Example 1:

To set up the user permissions for a level 1 support user (as shown above in the example), follow the steps as shown below:

  1. Log in to the application (as a Super User)
  2. Click the Settings icon at the top of the page
  3. Click User Access Policy from the left menu bar
  4. Click New to add a new user to the system
  5. Enter the User name (Josh), Domain name, Service Bus Identity information, and select "Is NT Group", "Is Super User", and "Environment" information as per the requirement. Click here to know more about these fields.
  6. Click Next to set up the applications that the user can access in the environment
  7. In the Allow Applications section, select the applications by clicking the check boxes. Click Select All to select all the listed applications in the environment.
  8. Click Next to setup the permissions for the user
  9. In the Add Permissions section, select the check boxes against the required sections. To illustrate the above example, select View only modules - Level 1 Support under the Predefined User Access Profiles drop-down
  10. Predefined User Access Profiles section lists the default access permission for different support levels. Users can also create custom profiles to Operate, Access and/or View.
  11. Click OK to save the settings and create the user
  12. Log in to the application as the newly created user (Josh)
  13. In the left menu bar, user will see only the sections for which he has been granted access

Click the sliders to view the process.

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Example 2:

Setting up the user permissions for a level 2 support user, select View only modules - Level 2 Support under the Predefined User Access Profiles drop-down.

Click the sliders to view the process.

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