Here are few important points to remember while working with the Real-Time Activity Feed functionality of BizTalk360 -

  1. Live feed pane will be visible only for Super Users. Super users have the permissions to view the activities performed by other super users and normal users within the system
  2. Live feed information (on the pane) will no longer be visible when the page is refreshed. However, you can still view the historic data under Security > Governance - Audit > User Activities. This data will be available for the duration specified in the "Data Purging" section under BizTalk360 Settings > BizTalk360 Health.
  3. When the Live Feed data is purged based on the Data Purging setting, all data except the ESB Message Activities information will be deleted from the BizTalk360 database. This is because the ESB data is retrieved from the ESB Exception Management (EsbExceptionDb) database.
  4. Clicking the ESB Activities in the Real-Time Activity feed will not navigate the user to ESB module. Instead, it will navigate to user activities page to view the MessageID.
  5. Clicking 'Load More' in the User Activities section will display results based on the count set in the System Settings (Live feed / User activity history row count)
  6. When you perform the Start or Stop operation on a BizTalk application (as a whole), each sub operation (such as start/stop/unenlist/enlist of send ports, receive locations, and orchestrations) will be displayed as a individual entry in the Live Feed pane (as shown below).
  7. When you perform changes in Real-Time Activity feed polling interval, you will need to restart the IIS BizTalk360 App Pool in order to make the changes effective.