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BizTalk360 focuses on solving the day-to-day challenges that administrators face while monitoring, administering, and supporting the BizTalk environments. One of the core areas of focus is Server Security and Audit. With proper BizTalk server security and audit mechanisms in place: 

  • Only authorized users will have access to applications, host instances, and other associated artifacts
  • Security in a single place — instead of setting up/managing security at different places while using different tools such as BizTalk Administration Console, BAM Portal, ESB Portal, Message Box Viewer, Monitoring Consoles (SCOM, HPOM) for the day-to-day operations
  • Eliminates direct access into live BizTalk servers (through RDP) and SQL servers
  • Logs of user activities are captured in the system that will let the administrators know "who did what" at any point of time