View the earlier version.  Version 7.10

Once BizTalk360 is installed, the administrators can easily set up BizTalk360 as shown below:

To-Do List after installing BizTalk360

  1. Configure Environments
    1. Add new environments as per the business requirement
    2. Activate new license for the configured environments
  2. Set up User Access Policies
    1. Add a new user
    2. Set up applications access
    3. Set up user permissions
  3. Set up monitoring and notifications
    1. Create an alarm
    2. Set up the alarm threshold settings
    3. Set up the daily health check/status monitoring settings
    4. Set up the notification channels
    5. Map the artifacts to be monitored with the alarm
    6. Configure the SMTP settings
    7. Configure the SMS Gateway (if required)
    8. Configure the Email template

Click the sliders to go through the process.

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