In this section, we will see how Real-Time Activity Feed notifications are triggered when multiple users perform operations in the environment. Let's consider the following scenario -

  • Bob is a Super User with access to all areas of the BizTalk360 application
  • Scott is a Normal User with limited access to 2 Applications (ACME and PurchaseOrderSystem) and permissions to operate on the service instances
  • Phil is a Normal User with limited access to 1 Application (Contoso) and permissions to perform Rule Editor operations (such as Create/Save/Deploy/Publish)

The following steps and screenshots will depict how Real-Time Activity Feed data is populated in the pane when the users perform the operations -

  1. Set up the basic configurations required for Real-Time Activity Feed
  2. Once the basic configurations are done, whenever either of the users (Scott/Phil as well as Bob) perform any operations, they will start appearing on the Real-Time Activity Feed. Let's say, Bob is monitoring the activities performed by Scott and Phil. The operations done by them are -
    • Scott stops and starts the application ACME. This will create two entries for unenlisting and disabling the receive location. Similarly, two entries in the Real-Time Activity Feed for Starting and enabling the receive location of the application.
    • Phil creates a new Business rule and follows the process through deploying the created business rule
  3. Click the Show History link to view all the historic user activities