In this section, we will take a detailed look into the Real-Time Activity Feed  functionality. This section provides information on the operations performed on application artifacts, service instances, host instances, ESB Messages, and Business Rules. The Real-Time Activity Feed section will be visible on the right side of the BizTalk360 application view. Clicking anywhere within this pane will automatically navigate the user to the appropriate section within the application. For instance, if the user stopped the host instance, when the super user clicks on the row data in the Real-Time Activity Feed  pane, he will automatically be navigated to the Host Instances screen where he can easily chose to perform any actions, if required.

By default, the Real-Time Activity Feed  pane will be in the Collapsed state. Click the Customize button to expand the pane.

  1. Expand/Collapse Real-Time Activity Feed  - Click the Customize button to expand the pane. Click once again to collapse the pane.
  2. Domain Name/Username (Who) - Displays the domain name and the username of the user who performed the operation
  3. Operation (What) - Displays the operation that was performed by the user
  4. Artifact : Artifact Name (Which) - Displays the type of artifact and the operation that was performed on the artifact by the user
  5. Time (When) - Displays the time stamp when the user performed the operation. The time stamp value is displayed depending on the user profile setting.
  6. Image - Displays the user image that has been set for the user profile.
    If no image has been specified for the user profile, a default Avatar image will be displayed against the operation performed by the user
  7. Show History - When clicked, displays the consolidated list of user activities that has been performed over a period of time