One of the core features of BizTalk360 is the Governance and Auditing capabilities. BizTalk360 has a powerful governance/auditing system that maintains the user activity logs within the system. It basically provides the 'Who did What' information for administrators. For more detailed information about the Governance and Auditing capabilities in BizTalk360, click here

However, till the earlier versions of BizTalk360, administrators only had the option to view the information under "Governance/Audit" section once the user had performed the particular operation. From v8.0, BizTalk360 has the capability to allow administrators to view the "Governance/Audit" data in real-time in the "Live Feed" section. The administrators can get to know the basic information such as "Who performed, what operation, on which artifact, at what time" instantaneously through the Real-Time Activity Feed section. The administrator can easily navigate to the corresponding section in the application by clicking the entry on the Real-Time Activity Feed pane.

What are the operations that will be visible in Real-Time Activity Feed?

The following user operations will be tracked in the Real-Time Activity Feed section - 

  • Application Activities (operations such as Start/Stop/Enable/Disable/Enlist/Unenlist on Receive Ports, Send Ports, Receive Locations, Orchestrations)
  • Service Instance Activities (Suspend/Resume/Terminate operations on service instances)
  • Host Instance Activities (Start/Stop/Enable/Disable operations on host instances)
  • ESB Activities (Save/Message Resubmit operations on ESB Messages)
  • Business Rules (Saving a New Policy/New Version/Rename/Publish/Deploy/Undeploy/Delete operation on policy)

The Real-Time Activity Feed pane will be visible only for users with Super User privileges. Additionally, Super Users can view the operations performed by Normal Users and other Super Users across the environments and applications.