If you see the below Error for the host instance in throttling analyser

errorText: Unable to collect performance data for Category:BizTalk:Message Agent, Counter:Message publishing throttling state,Host Instance:BVCoreProcessingHost,Server:Server01. Error:The network path was not found. errorCode: OX2003
category: BizTalk:Message Agent
counter: Message publishing throttling state
timestamp: 02-21-2015 17:17:42.500

Follow the steps as shown below to ensure the network connectivity to that counter is available.

  1. Login to the server installed with BizTalk360 and its monitor service, using credentials used for BizTalk360 Monitor Service
  2. Run PerfMon
  3. Select counters from computer where BizTalk Server is installed and for which the Throttling data is to be collected
  4. Make sure if you are able to read data for below counters under group BizTalk:Message Agent and the instances
    a. Counter:Message publishing throttling state - For Publish Throttling
    b. Counter:Message delivery throttling state - For Delivery Throttling

If these checks are positive, you will be able to view the data for these counters. Restart the BizTalk360 monitoring service to start collecting the throttling data.