There may be situations when you are forced to move a disk to different server. If you have enabled monitoring of the disk through BizTalk360, you will see a warning message appearing under "Errors and Warnings" screen under "Monitoring and Notifications" section (once you have moved the disk). For instance, lets say, you have your disk on Server A, and you have moved it to Server B. Once you have performed the migration process, BizTalk360 will show a warning for the disk status in the monitoring and notification screen.

Follow the steps as shown below to solve the problem:

  1. Navigate to Monitoring and Notifications screen in BizTalk360
  2. Select BizTalk Servers from the left menu
  3. Choose the server name of the new server where you have moved the disk (in our case, Server B)
  4. Select Disks. Choose the alarm name from the top right corner of the page for which you need to make the change.
  5. Try to disable monitoring and re-enable the monitoring. This will clear the reference to the old disk and remove the error from BizTalk360.
Please note that you need to do these steps for all alarms that refer to server 1 under disk monitoring. Failing to do this will result in BizTalk360 to display warning messages for the remaining alarms.