There may be occasions when you face performance issues while trying to call the stored procedure(s) that result in a timeout error. The reason for this timeout error is due to the size of the BizTalk360 database. Generally, the BizTalk360 database does not contain any environment related data, but mainly has the information about the BizTalk360 configuration settings, monitoring details for dashboard, log data, and few additional information like alert history, environment settings, and so on. 

The BizTalk360 database grows at an average rate of approximately 200 MB/day. The features that increase the size of the BizTalk360 database are :

  • Advanced Event Viewer
  • Throttling Analyser
  • Governance/Auditing
  • Monitoring collection

To prevent the database growth, you need to set the minimum number of days to purge the data under "Purge policy settings" for these features. For more details, refer the article how to set the purge data duration.

It is recommended to keep low purging days for advanced event viewer (about 5 days), while throttling is restricted to 7 days.