When you encounter an error as shown below

Cause of the error

With the installation of WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) on the same server causes a conflicting issue with two new IIS Modules installed at the top level (from WSUS being installed). These modules then propagate down through IIS websites thus affecting other sites ability to operate, thus resulting in HTTP Error 500.19 - Error Code 0x800700c1. The two modules in question are locked by default and propagate down within IIS. The Modules added globally are DynamicCompressionModule and StaticCompressionModule.


We recommend to remove DynamicCompressionModule from IIS. Follow the steps as shown below to remove the module from IIS -

  1. Open up the IIS Manager
  2. Click on your Server Node (top level). In the right-pane, look for Modules and double-click Modules.
  3. Within Modules, look for DynamicCompressionModule. Select the module, and in the upper-right pane (Actions), choose Unlock.
  4. Fall back to the left Pane (Connections), expand the Server Node and then expand Sites. Go ahead and click on BizTalk360.
  5. Within BizTalk360 Home in the right pane, locate Modules and double-click Modules. This will display all of the propagated Modules from top level (Server Node).
  6. You will notice DynamicCompressionModule in the list of Modules. Right-click and select Remove DynamicCompressionModule.
  7. Reset IIS by using iisreset in Admin command prompt