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Before setting up auto correct for the state-based artifacts, we recommend you to go through these points which will help you to understand the functionality better.

  1. Auto correct functionality is available for all state-based artifacts such as Receive locations, Send Ports, Orchestrations, NT Services, SQL Jobs, and Host instances
  2. Auto correct will work only with artifacts in a single alarm. When we try to configure another alarm and enable auto correct with same artifact, exception message will appear as follows:
    Auto correction for the same artifact cannot be configured in multiple places, since it will result in conflicting changes. Auto correction option is already enabled for the ReceiveLocations (name) in some other alarm.
  3. Auto correct will not work when you enable "Stop Alerts for Maintenance" option under Settings > Monitoring and Notification. (at environment level) Similarly, auto correct will not work when you enable "Disable Alarm for Maintenance" while creating the alarm. (at alarm level)
  4. You must create a Threshold Alarm, map the artifacts to the alarm, and set up monitoring for the artifacts. Only then you will be able to enable auto correct for the artifact.
  5. Auto correct will execute during every monitoring service run (every 60 seconds)
  6. Auto correct email alerting capability overrides the threshold violation email alerting capability. If auto correct was successfully able to heal the artifact to the expected state within the Max Retry count, you will NOT receive any Down/Up alert emails from BizTalk360.

    For instance, say, you have configured auto correct for a receive location with Max Retry : 3 and set the threshold violation to 2 minutes. If auto correct successfully healed the receive location in the first attempt, you will only receive 1 auto correct email notification indicating the state change. There will be no further Down/Up alert emails since the artifact has been restored back to its expected state.

  7. Once the value of attempt count matches with the maximum retry count (Max Retry : 10, Attempt Count : 10), auto correct will not execute any further. This is when you will receive the DOWN Alert email from BizTalk360 System. You will also notice the message "NOTE: Maximum auto-correct attempts exhausted" in the monitoring dashboard.
  8. Auto correct operations (application specific) get audited in Governance and Auditing section under "Application Activities". Host instance activities will be audited under the "Host Instance Activities" section of the Governance and Auditing module.
  9. Auto correct is not applicable for clustered host instances
  10. The NT Services Email Notification will display the 'Display Name' of the serviceĀ for consistency purposes. Similarly, the auto correct email notification will display the server name on which it has taken the action.
  11. For SQL Jobs (under SQL Server Instances), auto correct functionality will only consider the Job State to auto heal the artifact. The Last Run State will not be considered.