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If you are a BizTalk administrator, there may be many times when you have been notified by your colleagues/monitoring system for a potential issue in the BizTalk environment. Upon further analysis into the root cause of the problem, it would be a real simple fix - say, the receive location was accidentally disabled, NT services failing to restart automatically, and so on. These are quite common problems in the day-to-day life of the BizTalk administrator. To solve this specific problem and make the life of BizTalk administrators easy, BizTalk360 offers the "Auto Correct" or "Auto Healing" functionality.

With the Auto Correct functionality, administrators can set up monitoring on any "State-based" artifact and let the monitoring service to automatically heal the artifact any time when there is a mismatch between the "Expected State" and "Current State". For instance, administrators can set up monitoring on the receive location(s) of an application and additionally set up the auto correct functionality for the Expected State of the artifact (which should be "Started"). Whenever the receive location goes down/gets disabled, there will be a state mismatch and the auto correct will try to bring the artifact back to the expected state. If the operation is successful, the artifact will come back to the Expected State within the next monitoring service cycle (60 seconds).

Which are the state-based artifacts for which I can set up Auto Correct functionality?

Auto Correct can be enabled for the following state-based artifacts:

  1. Receive Locations
  2. Send Ports
  3. Orchestrations
  4. NT Services
  5. SQL Jobs
  6. Host Instances

If an artifact is eligible for auto correct, you will notice the "Auto Correct" column in the grid with an Auto Correct drop down option. For detailed understanding about the Auto Correct feature, click here.

We have also provided the functionality of "how many times the monitoring service can attempt an auto correct" on a particular state-based artifact. For instance, there may be a FTP receive location that is expecting messages from a FTP server and there might be some network issues in the FTP server that has caused the receive location to be disabled. Once the network issue is fixed, its perfectly safe to bring back the receive location, however the administrator must manually log in to the BizTalk Administration Console to get this working. To avoid this manual intervention, administrators can set up the "Max Retries" count in the Auto Correct functionality. This would allow the auto correct (BizTalk360 monitoring service) to continuously try and bring back the receive location to "Enabled State". If the operation was successful within the Max Retry count, the artifact would be automatically healed to ensure business continuity. If the operation was not successful within the Max Retry count, the artifact would move into a Critical state. The monitoring dashboard would display the artifact in Red color.