We have separated the Environments and Licenses screen from our v7.10.xxxx.xxxx release. Click here to read about the Environments screen. In this section, we will take a look at the revamped Licenses screen in BizTalk360.

Once you install BizTalk360, the first and foremost step is to activate the license for the default environment that is created.

Ways to activate the license in BizTalk360

In BizTalk360, there are 4 different ways in which the license keys can be activated. To get the license keys for the environment(s), contact us at license@BizTalk360.com.

  1. From the notification message in Dashboard screen (Please activate your license Manage Licenses)
  2. From Environments page > License Status column in Settings (when a new environment is added in BizTalk360)
  3. Directly from the Licenses page in Settings
  4. When you try to access any section in BizTalk360 without activating the license keys, a warning message will appear asking to activate the license keys

After installing BizTalk360, when you click on Manage Licenses link in the Dashboard page, you will be directly navigated to Settings > Licenses page. You will notice a pop-up with the license types for activation. Select the appropriate license type and fill in the details to activate the license. This is the case only for the first time when you install BizTalk360. When you add a new environment from the Environments screen, you will see a notification message as "Please activate your license Manage Licenses" once the environment is created.

Manage Licenses

The Manage Licenses page displays the list of environments and their corresponding license status information such as Activation Status, License Type, Expiry Status, Expiry Date, Maximum Servers and Applications as per the license type. From the manage licenses page, administrators (super users) can Activate the License with the license keys (that they received through email after contacting BizTalk360 licensing team), Remove the license, and to view the license information. Let's see the Manage Licenses in detail. For more information about BizTalk360 pricing and the different license options & tiers, visit the Pricing page on our website.

  1. Log in to BizTalk360 (as a Super user)
  2. Click the Settings icon at the top of the page
  3. Click Licenses from the left menu bar
    1. Environment Name - The name of the environment that is created by default when BizTalk360 is installed, or the name of the newly added environment
    2. Activation Status - Displays the activation status for the environment. By default, the status is set to Unknown when the default environment is created or a new environment is added. Once the license is activated, the activation status displays the status as Activated. When deactivated, the status is displayed as Deactivated.
    3. Product License Type - Displays the type of license that is activated - Trial/Commercial/Partner/Product Specialist
    4. Expiry Status - Displays the expiration status of the license. If the license is currently active, the status displays as either Active. If no license is activated, the expiry status is set to Unknown.
    5. Expiry Date - Displays the date when the license is set to expire
    6. Max Servers - Displays the maximum number of servers where BizTalk360 can be used with the current license type. For more information, please refer the Pricing page on our website.
    7. Max Applications - Displays the maximum number of applications supported by the license type. For more information, please refer the Pricing page on our website.
    8. Activate License - Click the green tick icon to activate the license for the environment. Once the license has been activated, the green tick mark will not be visible. The Remove License (red cross mark) and License Info (eye icon) will be visible.
    9. Remove License (visible only once the license has been activated) - Click the red cross mark to remove a license.
      Please note that you need to first remove an active license before trying to delete an environment.
    10. License Info(visible only once the license has been activated) - Click the eye icon to view the license information. The license information screen will display the following information:
        • Order number and license code
        • Environment information - Environment name, activation status, Environment Type, Maximum servers, Maximum Applications, Expiry Date
        • License Information - Expiry status, License Edition, Commercial license type, Last requested by, and Last requested date
    11. Refresh - Click to refresh the Manage Licenses screen with the updated information.

    Click the sliders to view the manage licenses screen and the license information screen.