View the latest version.Version 8.0

From version 7.10.xxxx.xxxx onwards, we have separated the Environments and Licenses screen under BizTalk360 Settings.

If you are using a older version prior to v7.10.xxxx.xxxx, we request you to read the documentation that can be found here.

When users upgrade to v7.10.xxxx.xxxx or do a fresh install of this version, you will be forced to Activate License (read the documentation for activating the license here) as the first step in the home page (as well as when you try to access other areas of the system). Please note that your existing license will not work with this version. You need to request for a fresh license key that will work with this version.

To request a new license key, please write an email to with the details of your environment. Kindly quote the reference number (starting with KOVINV…) from your current license certificate.

When you install BizTalk360, the environment will be created (by default) with the same name as the SQL server instance. You can find the default environment under BizTalk360 Settings > Environments. The Manage Environments screen will display the environment details. We have added two new columns called "License Type" and "License Status". The License Type indicates the type of license that is activated for the particular environment. The License Status indicates the status of the license - whether it is activated/deactivated.