When you encounter an error (as shown below) after installing BizTalk360,

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

Verify the following -

  1. Whether the "App" folder under the Installation Directory (<Installation Directory>:\Program Files (x86)\Kovai Ltd\BizTalk360\Web\App) contains 4 files with the ".js" extension. (setup-built.js, setupKB-built.js, setupPartner-built.js, setupSettings-built.js)

  2. Whether debugging is enabled for the virtual directory (IIS > Site > Vitual Directory > .NET Compilation). If the Debug property is set to True, you need to change it back to False. The reason is that when debugging is enabled for the virtual directory, the application will load from normal java scripts (not utilizing the one you see with the postfix - build). This functionality is used for development and debugging purpose.