The Build Project feature in BizTalk NoS Ultimate is very similar to the existing build functionality that exists in Visual Studio. However, the major difference with the build option in BizTalk NoS Ultimate add-in is the efficiency with which it can build the project. The time taken to build the project will be faster than the native build operation in Visual Studio. The reason behind this efficiency is that with the native build operation, when we have a huge solution with several project inside and try to build one single project, this will be a challenge for Visual Studio due to the dependencies. The BizTalk NoS Ultimate add-in build project feature will build the desired project without any interaction with Visual Studio design environment.

Building A Project

Follow the steps as shown below to build a project using BizTalk NoS Ultimate add-in:

  1. Once the BizTalk NoS Ultimate add-in has beenĀ installed, open Visual Studio. You will notice the NoS Add-in icons in the solution explorer section.
  2. Right click the project name and select "Build Project" under "BizTalk NoS"
  3. You will notice a command prompt firing up that will perform the build process. Once the build process is complete, you will be prompted with a message as "Press any key to continue ... " in the command prompt.

Click the sliders to view the process of building a project.