The name of this feature tells it all - this feature performs full text search across all the artifacts of the solution. Say, for example, within the schemas the feature will search for elements, records, attributes, map properties and so on. Similarly, in an orchestration, the feature will search for shape name, message name, variable name, and so on.

Performing the wild card search

Follow the steps as shown below to perform the wild search using BizTalk NoS Ultimate add-in.

  1. Once the BizTalk NoS Ultimate add-in has been installed, open Visual Studio. You will notice the NoS Add-in icons in the solution explorer section.
  2. Select the solution name and click "Wild Card Search" icon represented as  (magnifier icon)
  3. In the Search box, enter the value (that you want to search for) in the space provided. There are few options in the Search window:
    • Ignore Case - Selecting this option will ignore the case of the search text provided and perform a wild search across the solution
    • Open it too! - Once the search results are found, the add-in will open the file(s) containing the search term to make things easier for the developers
  4. Click Search. If you had selected the Open it too! check box, all the files containing the search text will be opened automatically 

Click the sliders to view the process of performing the wild search.