When there are multiple projects within a single solution, developers are forced to manually click through each project to have a visualization of the entire solution structure. In an effort to save the time for developers and improve the productivity, the BizTalk NoS Ultimate add-in offers the "Expand Solution" functionality. When the expand solution icon is clicked, this will automatically expand all the projects within the current solution. By doing so, you get to view the complete structure of the solution in just one click.

How to expand the solution

Follow the steps as shown below to expand the solution:

  1. Once the BizTalk NoS add-in has been installed, open Visual Studio. You will notice the NoS Add-in icons in the solution explorer section.
  2. Select the solution name and click "Expand Solution' icon represented as  (eye icon)
  3. All the projects within the solution are expanded to give a view of the structure of the solution

Click the sliders to view the process of expanding the solution.