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When it comes to EDI transactions through the system, the administrators are forced to keep a watch on the status of interchange acknowledgements, batch status, AS2/MDN status, and other such details associated with the transaction. To achieve this, the administrators are forced to always keep a watch on the status by querying for the status of each transaction manually. This is a monotonous task for the administrator and BizTalk360 helps them to reduce the time spent from performing these monotonous tasks by offering the EDI Data Monitoring capabilities within the UI.

The administrators can set up a data monitor as "Warn me when there are > 15 Interchange/ACK Status and send an error notification when Interchange/ACK status > 20 within an hour during the business day". In this case, the data monitor will execute every hour from 9 AM to 6 PM to check for the number of Interchange/ACK status messages during the hour and throw the error/warning notifications to the administrators through the notification channels. This reduces the effort of the administrator to manually check for the status of EDI reports on a regular basis.