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Similar to the message box data monitoring concept, BizTalk360 allows administrators to automatically execute queries against the tracking database at a specific interval to view, analyze, and troubleshoot the tracked data. For e.g., the administrator can set up a monitoring alarm like "Check the tracking database every 15 minutes on all days in a week and warn me when there are more than 300 service instances in the started state and throw an error when the number of service instances in the started state exceed 500 during the specific time period". By setting up this alarm, whenever the number of service instances in started state exceed 300 during a specific 15 minute time interval period, the administrator will receive a warning email notification (with the status as "Warning") from BizTalk360 explaining the current situation. If the value is less than 300, the administrator will receive email notifications with the status as "Success". By setting up these alarms & notification mechanisms, it eliminates the administrator to often log in to the BizTalk360 application and check for the status of the tracked service instances.