If you are using LDAP authentication over SSL, you need to make the following changes in the BizTalk360 database to allow BizTalk360 to use SSL for LDAP authentication.

  1. In the BizTalk360 database, check the dbo.b360_admin_GlobalProperties table for a row with value "AD_PATH" under the "SettingKey" Column
  2. If the row exists, delete the row
  3. Add the following row to the table
    Make sure you change the server name and DC as per your environment
    INSERT INTO dbo.b360_admin_GlobalProperties (SettingKey,SettingValue)VALUES ('AD_PATH','server01:636/OU=users,DC=kovai,DC=com'

Once you have made these changes, BizTalk360 should be able to use SSL for LDAP authentication.