If you have enabled SSL, follow the steps as shown below before upgrading to the latest version of BizTalk360. If you have changed the bindings after installation, the upgrade will not execute and you will face some issues during the process. Currently, the upgrade process does not handle this but we will be making it a part of the process in the future. 

  1. Change the binding to HTTP, set port to 80, and make sure there is NO Host header information

  2. Once the binding information is reverted to the original state, run the upgrade installer MSI
  3. After the upgrade process is complete, you can revert the binding information to HTTPS (as it was earlier)
  4. During the upgrade, the web.config file would be overwritten with the updated information. You need to manually update the web.config file so that it uses SSL. Read this article to know how and where to Enable SSL/HTTPS in the web.config file.

Once you have done the above steps, your upgrade will be successful and you will continue to use SSL in the upgraded version of BizTalk360.