View the latest version.Version 8.0

The integrated BAM portal comes with a powerful query builder that allows the support people to query the BAM data seamlessly. Follow the steps as shown below to build a query and perform the activity search:

  1. Log in to the BizTalk360 application
  2. Click 'Business Activity Monitoring' in the Menu panel on the left side of the screen
  3. In the BAM Portal page, click on the BAM View Name
  4. In the Activity Search tab, select the BAM Activity name from the drop down under Build Query Expression section
  5. Depending on the BAM Activity name selected, the Available Columns section will be populated with the column information. Select the required columns and click the -> (right arrow mark) to move them to the Selected Columns section.
  6. You can select and move multiple items from the Available Column by pressing the Ctrl key and clicking the column names.
  7. Follow the same procedure as Step 5 to move the columns from Available Column to Order By section. The purpose of Order By section is to let the system know how to sort the results when the query is executed. Per the below screenshot, the results will be ordered based on the start time in ascending order.
  8. Click the Descending check box if you want the results to be displayed in Descending order.
  9. Once the columns are set, select the Max Matches value from the drop down to filter the number of results in the Build Query Expression section
  10. Click Add Filter and select the required options if you wish to add complex filter criteria while building the query expression
  11. Once the query is built, click Execute Query to run the query and generate the results. The Query Results section will display the results based on the values selected in the Selected Column, Order By, and the filter criteria applied in the Build Query Expression section.

Click the sliders to view the process of performing an activity search in BizTalk360 BAM Portal.