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What Is Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)?

Most enterprises use wide range of business applications such as CRM, SAP, order management applications and so on for their day-to-day operations. Each application interacts with one another as a part of the business operation cycle. As a result, it becomes difficult for the administrators/IT managers to oversee what is happening in the business environment. Let's say, a purchasing manager wants to see how many Purchase Orders are approved and denied every day while a sales manager might be keen to receive an hourly update on the list of products that are being ordered. If you notice, both the requirements are based on a single business process in the organization. This is where Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) can be used by managers as it provides a complete overview of the business processes across the environment. 

BAM is a collection of tools that monitor business milestones and key metrics throughout a process in the BizTalk server environment. The business users can set up specific data points during the business process that will give them an insight to what is happening in the course of the process. The key aspect of BAM is that it can help users to view the business information in almost as real time as possible. This is referred to as 'Zero latency'.

Advantages Of BAM For IT Managers

  • Gain insight on the status of different business processes
  • Up-to-date information available through portal/alerts
  • Streamline business operations - escalate issues at the earliest

BAM Portal In BizTalk360

BizTalk360 comes with an integrated BAM portal that allows the business users to query BAM views, perform activity search, view the user permissions, and the activities time window. BizTalk360 picks up the configurations automatically if you have used the BizTalk server BAM functionality and displays them in the portal. The reason BizTalk360 incorporates the BAM portal is to give seamless access to all information for the support people and minimize their efforts to jump between multiple tools to get different data related to the same application/environment.

All values in the BAM Portal are completely Read-Only.