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The BizTalk Administration Console offers the functionality to search for run-time service instances such as orchestration instances, service instances with specific states such as suspended, suspended (resumable), and so on. However, there is no functionality to search for design time artifacts such as orchestrations, receive locations, send ports and so on. In real world, most of the organizations have hundreds of design time artifacts in their BizTalk server environment. Therefore, it is not possible for the users to search for these design time artifacts. To address this problem, BizTalk360 offers the "Search Artifacts" functionality where users can easily search for the design time artifacts with rich query filter capabilities, in addition to the run-time service instances.

What artifacts can be searched?

The Search Artifacts functionality can be used to search the following artifacts:

  • Applications
  • Orchestrations
  • Receive Ports
  • Receive Locations
  • Send Ports
  • Send Port Groups
  • Schemas
  • Pipelines
  • Transforms

search artifacts in biztalk environment