View the latest version.Version 8.0

Once the Message Box Viewer (MBV) is installed and configured in the server where BizTalk360 is running, the reports will start getting generated depending on the value set in the "Message Execution" section under "Settings". For instance, if the schedule execution value is set to 'Monday to Friday at 0900 hrs", the background monitoring service (sub-service) "MBV Schedule" will run the MBV every day from Monday to Friday at 9 AM, gather the report, persist the information in the BizTalk360 database, and display the report in a user friendly format in the user interface. The reports will be available in a drop-down in the Message Box Viewer - Reports page. When the result is selected, user can see the list of 

  • Critical Errors
  • Non-Critical Errors
  • Header Information
  • Summary Report

Run MBV Now

In addition to scheduled execution of MBV, BizTalk360 allows users to run MBV whenever they want to get the information on the status of the environment. When the 'Run MBV Now'  button is clicked, the message box viewer will be scheduled to run in the next cycle (which is usually within the next 60 seconds since the MBV Schedule monitoring service is scheduled to run every 1 minute). BizTalk360 will display a message to the user as:

Message Box Viewer is scheduled to run in next cycle, normally within a minute or so. Check back after some time.

Depending on the time taken to retrieve the result from MBV, the results will be made available in BizTalk360 within a minute or few minutes. After few minutes, users can click the Refresh button to view the results in the drop down.

Viewing the MBV Reports

Follow the steps as shown below to view the MBV Reports:

  1. Log in to the BizTalk360 application (as a Super User)
  2. Click 'Message Box Viewer (Reports)' in the Menu panel on the left side of the screen
  3. In the Message Box Viewer - Reports page, choose the report from the drop down. When the report is selected, the report information will be populated under the different column headers.