BizTalk360 being an enterprise product, our standard 14 days trial key from the website may not be sufficient for many organisations to make a decision. We primarily kept the initial trial period to 14 days to avoid people misusing it by constantly requesting new trial keys and running their environments purely on trial license keys. 

Here is our procedure for people who wanted to try BizTalk360 for extended period:

  • Step 1: Free 14 days trial key can be downloaded directly from our website
  • Step 2: You can request for additional 30 days free trial key by emailing us at
  • Step 3: If you still need time to evaluate the product due to reasons like you didn't get time to evaluate within the 45 days period, or your management requires more time to get convinced. We offer 3 months subscription license at $499. There are no restrictions on the environment size. There can be "N" number of BizTalk servers and "N" number of BizTalk Applications in the environment. 

During the evaluation period, you are entitled for a full 1 hour deep technical session free of charge with one of our technical team member (not from sales). During this session, we will demonstrate the capabilities of BizTalk360, we will also help you to identify your bottlenecks/challenges and match it with the features we have in the product. We can also address any Q&A you have during this session. 

You can switch to the full commercial license at any point during the extended trial period. During the evaluation period, you'll receive full technical support, at the highest standard identical to our existing customers premium support. 

After the 14 + 30 +90 days (nearly 4.5 months) evaluation period, we believe the customer will have enough information to make a decision. If you still have any queries, feel free to contact us via the contact page.