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The administrators can set up additional user roles and configure the access permissions for the users within BizTalk360. The administrator profile, by default, is a Super User profile that has access across all the areas of the application. The Super User can set up normal users with limited access to sections within the application depending on the business requirement.

The administrators can follow the exact steps as shown below to set up the user roles and access restrictions. Click the links to know how to set up the different stages of user access policy.

  1. Set up the new user role - Add the new user information such as user name, domain name, environment for which the user will have access
  2. Set up the applications that the user can access - The administrator can allow access to specific applications for the user depending on the business requirement. For ex. an user from the finance department will only require access to applications related to finance.
  3. Set up the user permissions - In addition to the applications, the administrator can allow access to specific sections in the application. For ex. a Level 1 support engineer only needs access to Governance/Auditing section

The administrator can add any number of users depending on the business requirement.

As a best practice, we suggest to avoid having too many super users. Our recommendation to customers is to allow 90% of your support staff use BizTalk360 with defined user access policies and allow 10% to have super user rights and access to BizTalk Administration Console. Ex: If you are team of 10, just two persons should have super user rights.