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In BizTalk server environment, the tracking database (BizTalkDTADb) stores the tracked data that has already been processed through the MessageBox database (BizTalkMsgBoxDb). When the tracking is enabled (by default, the group-level tracking is enabled), a particular SQL job automatically copies the message body information from the MessageBox database to the tracking database and makes this information available to the tracking queries. The BizTalk Server Administration Console allows users to run queries against the tracking database to view, analyze, and troubleshoot the tracked data.

What Capabilities Does BizTalk360 Offer?

BizTalk360 offers pretty much the identical capabilities provided by BizTalk Server Administration Console in terms of tracking data queries functionality. Users can query the tracking database to retrieve the information about Tracked Service Instances and Tracked Message Events. The major enhancement in BizTalk360 is the Graphical Message Flow viewer. Even though the BizTalk server administration console has the message flow viewer, support users can only see them in a flat text format. This requires some BizTalk knowledge to understand and interpret the information. With the graphical message flow viewer in BizTalk360, it is almost seamless to visualize the data flow with little or no BizTalk experience.