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To understand the Custom SQL Queries feature offered by BizTalk360, let's take a look at the pain points with the current setup. 

Problems With The Current Setup

  1. In a BizTalk server environment, BizTalk administrator/operations team require access to the SQL server instances to verify certain aspects of the environment like health of SQL jobs, size of database and log files, and run specific queries on the databases
  2. On the other hand, the SQL servers and databases will be managed and operated by database teams. The database team may/may not have the BizTalk expertise and struggle to decide the permissions that need to be given to the BizTalk administrators.
  3. Even if the database team provides specific access (say SELECT) to the BizTalk people, there are chances that the BizTalk people may create and execute queries that can end up in a deadlock situation. At the end of the day, SQL server is the heart of the BizTalk environment; and messing up with this could result in serious consequences to the business process.
  4. BizTalk users require access to SQL Management Studio to execute the queries. There is no easy way to share the queries between users and each user is forced to use his/her own queries.

How Custom SQL Queries In BizTalk360 Solves The Problem?

BizTalk360 offers the Custom SQL Queries functionality as a secure platform to store predefined queries and provide access to BizTalk members to execute the queries. BizTalk360, by default, comes pre-loaded with a set of queries and allows the users (with permissions) to build custom SQL queries that are more appropriate to the organization's business.

Individual users will not have any direct access to the SQL instances/databases. The queries will execute under the context of a service account and BizTalk360 will provide the framework to control the security model.
Note: You can only create SELECT queries in BizTalk360. Any INSERT or UPDATE queries will be rejected.