There may be times when the process monitoring is not working as expected and you'll receive error messages saying for example

Expected to process 1 instances of 'RL_Order_Processing'every hour, but actual instances processed : 0 at Mon:14

You may have processed lot of transactions during that time, and the above email notification may look like a false alert. Let's take a look at some basic behind the scene concepts and how to troubleshoot this scenario.

BizTalk360 process monitoring basically relies on the BizTalk server tracking data to calculate the transaction volume. As a design principle we do not want customers to deploy any custom stuff (like pipeline component, pipelines, BAM artifacts) etc and wanted to take advantage of power of BizTalk server. The same principle is applied for our Graphical Message Flow as well.

So, in order for the process monitoring to work correctly the tracking setting in the environment must be working correctly. You can easily check whether the events are captured correctly by executing the following query in the BizTalk Admin Console (with your required settings). 

If the result of the above query returns no results then you have some tracking configuration problem. Here are the checks you can perform.

  1. Make sure Global Tracking is enabled in the environment. You can do this by checking at the BizTalk Group Settings as shown below.
  2. Make sure Event tracking is enabled at the pipelines utilized by the corresponding receive and send port. For example if you are using PassThru pipeline, you can check the following check boxes are enabled.
  3. Make sure at least one tracking host instance is running. From the below picture we can see BizTalkServerApplication is the tracking host, we need to make sure at least one host instance is running for this host.