Use Case

Customer is a global multi national oil company having operations in multiple cities across the world. They have BizTalk environments running on many cities across the world, and they have a requirement to manage and monitor them from a central location. They also wanted to give controlled access to external consulting companies to look after their environment for management and monitoring. They wanted to minimize the amount they can spent on building this requirement. 


The above use case is one of the classic problem that can be solved easily with help of BizTalk360 and Managed Services for BizTalk360. The below picture explain in detail how it all fits together. 

As shown in the above picture, there are local BizTalk environments running in multiple cities like Stockholm, Dubai, Melbourne, London and New York. The local BizTalk environments running on each city is responsible for taking care of all the integration needs relevant to that city. As a first stage the customer decided to install BizTalk360 in each one of the environment, which will allow the city specific teams to take care of the BizTalk server management and monitoring requirements locally.

One of the challenge at this stage is, there is no central solution where someone can just login to a central portal and start managing/monitoring the various BizTalk Environments. This is the place where "Managed services for BizTalk360" can help. Managed Services for BizTalk360 is hosted solution, where a central portal is hosted on Windows Azure and connectivity between the portal the customer site is handled using "Azure Service Bus Relay service" in a secured way. All the customer (city environment) specific data is held on the customer site and central portal just acts like a window into multiple environments. The user authentication is handled by Windows Azure AD and Service Bus shared access signature. 

Managed services for BizTalk360 easily allows giving access to external companies through it's user access security layer. You can easily control which consultant will have access to which site. Multiple new sites can be added to existing central portal in a seamless way.

To understand the technical details behind the scene, please read this article BizTalk360 for Managed Services.

Managed services for BizTalk360 is an add-on service on top of BizTalk360 to help consulting companies and customers with multiple sites to have a centralized access.